Do you like games? 

Subscribe to our London Tag channel on Telegram to play our Happening London location game, with occasional prizes.

How does it work? 

  • When were out and about we'll start a "game session" by sharing our ongoing location.
  • London Tag subscribers ( get an update on their mobile phone.
  • To play head off towards our location. 
  • Keep track of changes, we may rest up or hop onto public transport.
  • The first person to "tag" us wins!

Tag us by saying "Hi" and showing us the current open game session on your mobile phone, that wins that game and ends the session.

Note that games sessions are time limited, they are open for at least an hour, usually more, and each session has a countdown clock so you know how long the game still has to play.

If a session expires with no winner, better luck next time!

Winners get adulation and maybe, if one was announced with that game session, a prize!

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