Happening London runs a network of different communities for Londoners. Choose which ones are right for you to join from the list below.

Happening London Community

This is the general Happening London community hub. Like all the communities it is free for Londoners. Its mission is to bringing real value to its members.

When you join the Happening London community you are initially a "Limited Member" where your posts are first reviewed before being seen by regular community members. This is a measure to prevent spam. Trusted, active community members have their posts published without review.

If you are based in London and genuinely interested in community join and introduce yourself. Be part of the happening London community!


London Food Community

The "London Food" community is a public community for Londoners focused on food!

  • Where to eat
  • What you ate pics
  • Street food discoveries
  • Etc ....

Join the community if you have a passion for food and live in London. Connect with others around you love of food and London.


The "London Music" community is a public community for Londoners focused on music!

  • Great gigs you've been to
  • Upcoming gigs
  • Street music
  • London musicians
  • Music chat
  • Etc ...

Join the community if you live in London and music is your thang! Connect with local people with a passion for music.


The "London Maker" community is a public community for Londoners who make / craft stuff!

  • Craft Jewellers
  • Tech bulders
  • Etc ...

Join the community if you live in London, make stuff and want to connect with other makers!


London Photographers Community

The "London Photographers" community is for enthusiasts of all aspects of photography, from iPhone or mobile photography through to mirrorless and DSLR.

  • Get feedback
  • Share tips
  • Plan meetups
  • Etc ...

Join the community if you are based in London and into, or want to get more into photography!


London Fashion Community

The "London Fashion" community is for London based fashion designers and fashionistas.

  • Fashion discussions
  • Show your style
  • Plan meetups
  • Etc ..

Join the community if you are a London based designer or fashionista!


London Art Community

The "London Art" community is for London based artists and art fans.
  • Artists
  • Street art
  • Fine art
  • Art & Craft


The "YouTubers / Videographers" community is for London based YouTubers and filmakers.

  • Get feedback
  • Channel admin discussions
  • Plan meetups and collaborations
  • Etc ...

Join the community only if you are a London based YouTuber!


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The "Buckley Social" community is for people who work in or with the Buckley Building in Clerkenwell, London. 

The community is a hyperlocal experiment to build community, have fun, and connect the hard working individuals within the building walls.

Only request to join if you use or work out of the building.

The "London Social Media Professionals" community is for people based in or working in London whose work is directly connected with social media, marketing, communication or PR.

  • Networking
  • Discussions
  • Etc ...

If you work in social media and think Google+ is a joke there are plenty of reasons to join this community. Join if you fit the bill. Please introduce yourself and help to build a community valuable to you and others around the topic of social media.


London Bloggers Community

The "London Based Bloggers" community is for Londoners who blog and would like to connect with other London based bloggers.

  • Get feedback on your blog
  • Share blogging tips
  • Plan meetups
  • Etc ...
Join the community if you are based in London and blog!
Shortlink: http://bit.ly/LDNbloggers

Things to note!
All the communities in the Happening London network are .... 
  • Focused on London for Londoners
  • Public / Limited - New member posts are hidden until vetted to prevent spam.
  • Trusted members can post directly with no delay.
  • Places for community, not places for blatant self promotion. 
If you are a spammer you will be banned and blocked, if you are a real person wanting and bringing real value to the community you will be welcomed!

Active members who want to become more involved in any of the communities, we would be interested in hearing from you. Let us know in the main community hub!

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