Do you live in London

If you live in London and want to meeting cool people like you, check out our community network.

The main Happening London community 👇

... we also have other communities focused around different topics like art, food, music etc.

After joining the FIRST thing you NEED to do is properly introduce yourself.

Until after you have introduced yourself posts you make will not show to other members. We wrote a Google post about why if you're interested. So after joining it's really important that you write a proper introduction. Each community has a special category just for introductions.

Don't be worried about standing up and introducing yourself, other people have done it you can to.

After your introduction post has been seen and approved by a community moderator you'll be upgraded from a limited member to a full member, and people will likely welcome you into the community.

Make a little effort with your introduction post. It's not obligatory, but it helps to share a real picture of yourself. Include information that helps people understand WHO you are, WHAT makes you tick and WHY you are joining.

Are you most interested meet ups? Or wanting to share posts with other members?

Our communities are online spaces designed for interaction. All full members are Londoners, and content should be London related.

Be reasonable, be cool, don't spam. 

Our communities are moderated spaces, spammers will be actively removed. We encourage posts and interaction with others that builds community. If you are going to see something cool, post to see if other members would like to join you. If you have a London tip do share it, but if that tip is more about self promotion and that's all you ever share with the community then that's spam.

In simple terms if the post benefits the community that's cool, if the post benefits you over the community that's not cool.

Our niche communities have a narrower focus and are therefore more sensitive to spam: posts about food do not belong in the music community, post about music do not belong in the food community: it's not rocket science.

You can find info about our community network here and there is info for each community in the "About" section of each community. If in doubt you can ask.

Remember, becoming a member is not instant. Your intro post needs to be SEEN and then APPROVED by a moderator before you'll be welcomed and able to post fully. As our community grows we'll be adding more moderators from active members who are interested in stepping up.

We're excited to welcome YOU and hope that together we can make "Happening London" a useful, interesting, fun and rewarding project for everyone to be part of.

Join the Happening London community!