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Are you involved in something London based which the happening London audience needs to know about?

Happening London is an independent London lifestyle site with significant audiences on social media across London and beyond. If you wish to approach happening London with a PR or marketing enquiry please read on for details of the options available and use the form below to submit your proposal.

Supported Content

We define supported content as articles which have been "enabled" by opportunities offered, but where no payment is made. This would include things like invitations to events which could be covered by Happening London.
Supported content is editorially "our voice" and wholly produced by the happening London team.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content, or native advertising, are articles where payment is exchanged and some editorial input may come from outside the Happening London editorial team.
Sponsored approaches are not guaranteed to be published: content needs to be a "good fit" for the Happening London audience and is judged and priced on a case by case basis.


All are clearly labelled when published.