Europe's largest street festival.
An anual event but the first "happening London" Notting Hill Carnival.

We got in the mix with a camera, had our eyeballs rattled by the bass and made a few carnival friends!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Bobbies maintain a high vantage point. Mostly helping out the lost and confused.

Residents took advantage of their island party spaces.

Want whistles? I've got whistles!


Window dancers.

Shared moments.

Solo moments.


There will be kissing ....

There is colour!

Dancing ...

... more dancing.

Dancing with my baby ...

Hey there baby ...

Crowds, with a view down the hill.

It was a selfy fest: but not with a tablet .... please!


My party!


There was even Michael Jackson ...

Who wasn't a very good MJ in truth, but gave it a go when some music was played for him.

Mr. Green was there.

You could mask-up and be anyone you want.

More selfies.

1... 2... 3... See it?


Timid hat wearing revelers. 

The occasional super cool dancers.


Animated puppet.

Lots of people working too.

Some s-o-u-n-d-s.

Some rubbish.

Some beauties.

Taking advantage of the moment. 

A random peacock on a stick. Not sure what that means?



Looking forward to next year. Maybe time for a #happeningLondon meet-up by then.

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