Your happening London photos.

We share some of our London photos on: happening London, on Google+, on instagram and on twitter. But we will also be sharing user submitted images too!

Here's what you need to know before sending us your happening London pictures.

What to send

  1. Your photos. Not London photos you've "found" on the web. 
  2. Different photos. Your take on the world's fav' city.
  3. Context.  Please send some "context" about the images: location details, some background. The more detail the better! 

What we'll do with them

  1. We'll publish them on the site.
  2. Attribute the images to you and link to your Google profile.
  3. Share the article on Google+ and Twitter.

How to send them in

  1. Share them privately with the Happening London Google+ Page
  2. Or email them to: happening(dot)london(at)gmail(dot)com - Remember to include some context!
Will we publish all that are sent in? No. We don't guarantee that we'll publish all that are sent in, send in your best to get published!

View submitted photos and articles.