I found myself south of the Thames on Saturday. After a decent stroll I needed a bite to eat and after consulting Google maps I elected to head off to Love Walk Cafe in Camberwell for lunch.

Inside was busy. There were tables free but they were reserved, so still feeling flushed from my walk I parked myself outside with a coffee while I decided what to eat.

I must say the coffee was excellent!

The pavement outside is deep enough so you don't feel right on the road, which is good as it's quite busy. After scanning the menu, which offers a good deal of healthy options, I opted for the "Full English" breakfast. I was asked if I wanted any sides, but figured "full" should be enough .... It was.

Inside the decor is arty hipster. It's been tweaked recently to appeal to the more a affluent clientele now available locally. No more 'greasy spoon' which I'd imagine is missed by some but welcomed by others.

Downstairs is cosy with a low ceiling: most of the wall space given over to colour. It felt a little cramped to me, but that was probably because it was busy and I was alone, so didn't want to take up a corner all to myself.

The gents is tiny! But charming, with more suitably themed artwork.
Click the image below if you'd like to know the title and artist.

Stacks, no mountains of loose loo-roll, which I imagine would tempt any bored child. Maybe hipster kids are better behaved than I was ...

All in all a fair stop-off for lunch. Next time I'll go for one of the healthier menu options!

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