Do you like going to gigs? I like going to gigs.

Small gigs are my preference and I'd guess there must be a ton of them happening all the time in London, but I don't seem to get round to finding something and getting there often. Not as often as I'd like. It never seems to "happen".

Sunday I saw The E-Type Boys, a new band with Maxi Jazz (of Faithless fame) featuring among others, guitarist Elliott Randall.

The band were great. Proper musicians doing what they do best. I liked it: the audience loved it.
Here's some more images shared by Happening London in story form (click to open).

But what made being there better personally was the random (social) nature of how it came to be.
I chanced upon Elliott's post as a reshare by +Hanna Silver, I follow Hanna on Google+, you should too, she's from down-under we've not met (even in a hangout) yet. That seemed like a good London tip so I +1'd the post (as Happening London), which would help some of the people who follow the page see it. I also let Elliott know I planned to go on the his original post.

Hey listen up London!

So then I wanted to let you know about this cool free gig that was happening in London!
For that I posted in the Happening London Community. I didn't get any pick-up there because the community is small currently: but don't think small, think focused. Exclusive! It's a community focused on what's happening in London, what's cool. Things to do. Things to avoid. Places to go. People to meet. London stuff from happening London people!

Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but that's the plan. When I find something cool to do, something "happening" in London that's where I'll post it. Not to my 10k personal network. It's not relevant to them, they're all over the world. The community is just for London people, so cool London stuff I'll post there. I hope you join the Happening London Community so next time you can come along (or not). When you have something cool to share you can let us all know and we can come along (or not). Here's to the next time!

What was the best London gig you stumbled upon recently?