It's almost a year since I stopped by for a very enjoyable meal at The Elgin, I've been meaning to post ever since.

It was quite early on after my arrival in London but on this particular spring day I wasn't alone but in the company of Fabrzio, Giulia and Haku the dog.

If I remember rightly the first thing I attended to was to hook-up to the Wi-Fi. First things first: that's the first thing we all attend to right?

After that it was drinks ...

I'm a Guinness drinker normally, but as The Elgin is a craft beer joint they didn't have Guinness so I went for a local dark stout.

Very nice.

The others went for pop ... yerk.

A look at the menu and I knew right away. Lamb!

Fabrizio needed a bit more time to dig for inspiration.

I liked The Elgin right from the off. It's a busy, but not cramped place with good light and an interest clientele. Lots going on, lots to take in.

Decor is towards rustic and homely. It felt like it had always been that way but Google maps has a view inside that shows it must be more recent than it feels. So I guess they  did a good job.

The walls are hung with several interesting art works too.

As well being welcoming for grown-ups and dogs The Elgin is child friendly too. This helps bring in a wider audience including well-to-do families.

Taken with permission. The mother asked for a copy which I did send on, hope she got it.

Here comes the main attraction. Our food!

My lamb was delicious!

Giulia ordered chicken.

Can't remember what Fabrizio ordered. Damn you ill placed pint glass!

Gone but not forgotten. Lovely grub. Yes I did finish off the chicken too, but in the name not research not gluttony honest.

Time for a few more snaps ....

Upstairs: the kitchen, where the magic happens ....

Upstairs is another bar, which is more customer facing than the kitchen.

With a large airy dining area.

More groups of people, friends and families.

Herbs growing outside. Very pretty, though I don't know if they are just decoration or end up being used too.

From the kitchen upstairs .....

To down stairs at the rear of the ground floor runs the dumb-waiter. Which is how the food is delivered from the first floor kitchen.

I was read for visit to the smallest room, which is down stairs from the ground floor, then it was time for .....

.... a coffee.

Eagerly awaited .....

Expertly made .....

Gratefully consumed.

The Elgin - 4 stars, by
A welcoming venue serving tasty dishes throughout the day, with good coffee and a number of craft beers.