I was lucky enough to be invited to a Google run "Local Guides" event in East London yesterday.

If you haven't heard of the Local Guides program you can find some details at the end of this article, but first here are a few highlights from the photos I took over the course of the evening. 
After arriving, checking in, picking a pin character, grabbing one (or two) of the excellent craft beers we had a brief introduction to what was planned for the evening from +Katie Glass and +anouk van den eijnde

The first element of the evening was a presentation on how to improve your mobile food photography from +Paul Winch-Furness who's a London based photographer specialising in food photography.

That was very interesting with some handy tips!

After that we were split up into groups, which were allocated according to which pin we'd chosen when arriving, and then set off on a quick tour around the grounds of the brewery.

One challenge was the most creative group photo. Here's (one of) ours ....

Sadly we didn't win that one later in the evening, but hey-ho you can't win'em all.

Our group hit it lucky and picked home turf, meaning we circled back for an in-depth tour of the brewery itself.

So no getting cold (it was chilly) and more fine beer tasting and discussion.

And tasting .....

As the evening went on the other groups arrived back at base and the place filled up with buzz.

I had a great time, even without the excellent beer. I'd like to say thanks to all to organised and attended.

Want to see more? See all of the photos I took at the Mission East meet-up here.

If you are interested in finding out what the Google Local Guides program is about then head over to their Google+ Page to find out what it's all about. The program is running in a number of cities around the world not just London.