It's rare that you stumble into a free gig and discover an amazing new band. The Unsigned London Festival brought that experience back to London this weekend.

We didn't hear about the festival until late, but it seemed like a god deal: free music and great weather. So we quickly set up a Google+ event page and headed over to take a look.

We were rewarded with a great day out. If you went and took some pictures you can add them to the event page (details at the bottom of the article), here are some of the highlights of our day at "Unsigned London". Click through to comment or share on the links and images.

Rob Shuttz singing and playing bass in the acoustic tent. There are versions on instagram and twitter.

Some festival partygoers. Also shared on instagram.

Shared on instagram & twitter.

Version shared on instagram.

On day one the acoustic tent also provided some shade from the sun.

The festival was kid friendly too!

.... as well as hipster friendly.

We had a great time. If you went and want to add your images, click "going" and add your pictures here. See all photos.

Hope to see you at Unsigned London next year!