When people think of London there are a few things gaurenteed to spring to mind.
One for those for sure is a black London cab.
Image credit: Martin Smith

So when it came to mulling over ideas for the (first) Happening London Photo Challenge theme "Taxi" seemed like a very a fitting choice.

Our first photo challenge was run only on instagram and required people to just add the challenge theme "hlTaxi". It was harder, to get people involved than we had imagined. We haven't got a large following on instagram yet. Follow us! Hopefully posting our top picks will encourage more people to join in next time.

Thanks to the people who did get involved. Here, in no particular order, are our fav' #hlTaxi photos.

mid0 tagged this dramatic image with the challenge tag.

nostalgia_kid submitted this taxi and refection on the #hltaxi challenge tag. Let's not forget the London rain!

demeisteren next up submitted on the challenge tag: some classic London architecture, a red London bus and a black cab.

gemma_w1 carries on the architectual imagery with this #hlTaxi submission. Our first any only submission from the fairer sex. Come on girls! 

mi.london submitted ... OK we chased. Asking if he'd like to add the challege tag to this shot. Mary? Is that ..... you!?

davidharrold this submission really pops with the #hlTaxi tag and another classic London cultural icon: a redder than red phone box.

grumpyoldman3 proved to be not grumpy by being the most friendly and social person, with several submissions on the #hlTaxi challenge tag. We liked this one the best. Abstract but still no missing that London taxi.

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