We popped into the opening of "PHOTOGRAPHY NOW" near Brick Lane. It's an eclectic mix from some talented photographers.

Openings are busy events, one plans note taking and to diligently meet all the artists, but ... that didn't happen. So here's a visual snapshot from the opening. If you'd like to see more we'd encourage you to go and see for yourself!

You'll find details: who is exhibiting, for how long and where exactly, at the bottom of the post.

PHOTOGRAPHY NOW - 17th - 27th September 2015 at The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe, 93 - 95 Sclater St, E1 6HR

Artists: Al Brydon / Ángel Armero / Antoinette Clare Mallon / Daniëlle GuillonardFelicity Tchorlian / Léon Leijdekkers / Lucy Yates / Peter Madsen / Sarah Fordham / Ula Koska

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