Since arriving in London last year weekends for me can be a lonesome affair. So I'm generally happy to and grateful to tag along to any meet-ups: especially when they involve two of my fav' pastimes, walking, with regular stops for drinks and photography.

+Elle Judge, one of the London Local Guides, organised an unofficial photo walk which I joined. It was a blast: here are some of the photo highlights.

Like most good days it started with coffee. We stopped off at the "lively and hip" CoffeeWorks Project.

After which we headed off along the Regent's Canal.

What would a photo walk be without some retro photo gear?

David using a camera which I suspect may be older than he is ...

Elle and Katie posing for the shot.

Comfy seating afloat. At least when the sun shines.

Selfie time ...

The weather was forecast as cloudy, but we struck lucky. It must have been the sunglasses that did it.

James gets back to some serious photography.

All kinds of cameras were used, including the ones which are always to hand.

There's a rather creep "behind the scenes" of this shot ..... here.

At this point I started suggesting a break. Until I wore people down and we stopped off for a drink at the amiable Proud Archivist.


Afterwards we set off ....

... leaving the canal and heading to Broadway Market.

Free hand-cream.

After eating .... more coffee was needed. Arun had suggested some sweet Indonesian (I think) style coffee that he knew about nearby.

It was delicious. Made with condensed milk.

During the rest of the afternoon / day we stopped off at a few more "special" places. I'm keeping those photos for their own post.

The final social stop off before the hardy tootled off was Netil360.

After which we headed off ....

A great day out. Thanks to you all. You can see more images on the Google event page here.

See you at the next meet-up!