You may be famillier with London's current skyline, but with planning for 233 tall buildings in London (that's ones which have planning approval but are yet to break ground) and a further 114 which are either in planning or at pre-application stage, it's clear that London's skyline will see a lot of change. How might it look?

Here are a couple of images which show what parts of London's skyline may look like in the fututre. London in 2030!

Spotting the yet-to-be-built skyscrapers in the above images is not so easy, even if you are very familier with London's current skyline.

These images help comprehend the changes by showing how things look like in the present and what they may look like in the future ...

The heart of London city ...

... and tall buildings planned for Blackfriars.

What's your favourite London tall building from London's current skyline?

Images by Visualhouse/Dan Lowe

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