Londoners took to the streets to protest about US policies signed by Donald Trump.

I wasn't there with a banner, to be honest wasn't sure why I was there.

Do I think Trump's blanket blocking of borders to specific countries is wrong? Yes sure, but there are a lot of things wrong in the world that don't get thousands of people out on the streets.

I'm not sure protests like this actually do much. It's not a forum for people with different views to facilitate change. They all, and me along with them, are pretty much of one mind.

I guess I went because as the world heads in a direction I do not understand I needed to raise my hand and object before the weirdness affects me directly.

When a minority is targeted, it doesn't affect me. When they are made to wear a badge, it doesn't affect me. But somewhere down the line, as things get weirder and weirder. If everything goes really tits-up, I don't want that to be because I let the wrong things slide, because they didn't affect me.

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