On Sunday I went to watch the annual spectacle on the Thames that is the "Boat Race" between Oxford and Cambridge colleges, which starts just west of Putney Bridge.

This was my first attendance at the boat race, I joining +Masatake Wasa who had posted in the Happening London Community asking if anyone was interested in joining him on the bridge.

The whole "event" spans much more than just the boat race itself. There are lots of things going on around the periphery for the 350k people who attend to watch the races themselves.

The mood in at the event is pretty convivial with a fair to moderate amount of alcohol consumed throughout the day.  The weather this year was fresh but bright and I'd like to say a big "thank you" to the generous person who selflessly provided me with sunscreen, saving me from burning in the breeze.

The below gif shows the start of the women's race.

An awful start by the Oxford women meant they never really recovered.

The start of the men's race was a closer affair and provided tension right up to the race's conclusion.

All in all it was an experience I'd recommend, especially if the weather is clement and you have a few friends to join for the day. Maybe see you there next year!

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