Friday night +David invited me to +Jamboree to see The Indelicates. Although I lived in the East End for a while when I first moved to London and had walked past +Jamboree often during that time I'd never actually been inside before. Loved it.

+Jamboree is inside the Cable Street Studios building and is described as a speakeasy-style music venue with mismatched furniture and small stage, hosting live jazz and folk. That  might sound tame: it's not.

First on was Martin White of "The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra", minus the orchestra. Martin played a number of songs on piano and accordion. Next on were The Indelicates: image below via +Charley Stone on Instagram.

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I've seen The Indelicates before and like them more each time. here are a few recordings from the night.

The Indelicates are +Simon Indelicate and +Julia Indelicate.

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