Whether you are feeling full of beans or in need of a lay down you'll likely find something to enjoy in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern on London's South Bank.

Video credit Tate / Instagram
An orange line of swings extends through the Turbine Hall, from one end which features a stripy carpet and a swinging silver ball, which is apparently the world's largest pendulum, to the other end which is full of special communal swings.

Each swing has been designed for three people by Danish artists’ collective SUPERFLEX. Swinging with two other people has greater potential than swinging alone so three people are invited to enjoy the back and forth of smaller and longer arcs together.

This is the third annual commission for this space, part of a series of site-specific works created for the Turbine Hall by renowned international artists. A partnership between Tate and Hyundai Motor.

After you have swung with friends, or instead if you are of a less energetic nature, you can sit down, lay back and relax. Contemplate the world .... and watch that huge pendulum SWING slowly back and forth.

SWING by SUPERFLEX runs at the +Tate Modern from now until the 2nd of April 2018.
Entry: Free

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