Off The Cuff, which you can find under the railway arches at Hern Hill, was previously a wood yard. It's one of the places I walk past quite often on my way home from work each day.

I don't stop off there very often, but whenever I have done so I've always been glad. Whether it's a busy Saturday night, with comedy, dance and music or like it was this time: low key, largely improvised Jazz.

It certainly wasn't what anyone would describe as busy, but not every night needs to be packed, ear splittingly loud and sweaty. If you like things more low key then Monday and Tuesday nights are likely to be your bag.

I happened to have my camera with me, which I do often, so I recorded a few of the arrangements.

I'm not a huge Jazz fan, but I do like to hear something different now and again, so I'll be back at some point, when I'm passing, have nothing pressing, and the music draws me in.

See you there sometime I hope.

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