Sharing your London photography on Instagram? Then you'll be interested (like we are) in knowing what the top London related hash tags are.

Here are the top 5, plus a bonus tag and tips. Read on!

1: ThisIsLondon

The "This is London" tag is a well established London related tag with quite a high volume of users. It was pioneered by the @London instagram handle, a popular London based community account established by +Dave Burt.

2: LoveLondon

The "Love London" tag is a popular, easily interpreted tag which is used across many instagram accounts.

3: VisitLondon

The "Visit London" tag is championed by the @VisitLondonOfficial instagram handle which is run by London Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency.

Using the hash tag does give the agency implied rights to use your image across their social channels, though they are generally good at giving credit when sharing.

4: TimeOutLondon

The "Time Out London" tag is another commercial London related tag championed by the @timeoutlondon instagram account.

Using the tag gives the concern implied rights to use your photograph. Though unlike the previous tag they are less likely to use your image across other social channels.

5: ClassicLondon

You might think, or hope, that the "Classic London" tag would show photos with more of a heritage feel, but it seems to be use commonly alongside all the previous tags. This tag has a lower volume than the others though, so the stream is a little slower.

Bonus Hashtag! #HappeningLondon

Our tag! Our tag has a tiny volume by comparison to the previous tags we've talked about, but small has a number of advantages.

If you tag your best London related shots with #HappeningLondon then those photos will be seen in the stream longer than other tags.

When sharing on Instagram our advice is to be selective with tags. Use only tags that directly relate to your photo. If it's a cool photo of "Happening London" add the #HappeningLondon tag too!

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