The Thames runs through the heart of London, so it's no surprize that it was the main feature for all the submissions for our first Happening London Instagram challenge of 2018.

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Top submissions for HLwater

+Daryl Gerard Morrissey - @london_the_unfinished_city

The Royal Docks, alive with activity, looking amazing in the afternoon sun.

+Krzysztof Jurek  - @kwjurek

Still reflections of the Sunburn London yacht hotel in Royal Victoria Dock.

+Memoirs OfAMetroGirl  - @memoirsofametrogirl

A beautiful winter's day on the Thames with the Shard as a backdrop.

Neil Evans - @sohocub

London you’re beautiful. Neil submitted a number of entries, including: Blackfriars Bridge, London Bridge and Tower Bridge, but we chose this shot up the Thames as our favourite.

Ash Drewery - @ashd__

Loved this fun shot by Ash, though don't try this yourself!

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