Alien menace Tom Baker performs Creep by Radio Head

I got this tip off about Red Door Cabaret thanks to +Irena Savchenko: via a comment she left on a private +Happening London post. If you're followed by +Happening London and into freaky London stuff I'd recommend turning notifications for the ephemeral London Chatter posts, so you can join in before they're closed. After the tip-off I shared the event in the main community in case others wanted to join us.

Gareth Ellis & Rich Rose

This was the FIRST cabaret night from Red Door Studios in East Ham. It was hosted by Ellis & Rose but should hopefully become a monthly (or maybe bimonthly) event depending on demand.

Tom Baker - ventriloquist

Tom Baker, accordionist, ventriloquist and menace, has been a major player on the London cabaret scene for a number of years.

Frontman Sir Frederick Snow

Enfant terrible “Sir Frederick Snow” - Kunst frontman extraordinaire and mighty feisty maestro regular of the London cabaret scene.

Molly Beth Morossa performed poetry, both spoken and physical.
The audience loved it.

Closing with an alien rendition of Radio Head's Creep.

The venue was more like an intimate shed than a "proper" venue, but it was warm and comfy enough with plenty of charm.

If you're involved in putting stuff like this on across London do let +Happening London know.

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