When I moved to London I worked with colleagues from H+K Strategies, out of the Buckley Building in Clerkenwell. Like most working buildings there are a few special people, the doers, who arrive earlier and stay later that keep everything working. One such person in the Buckley Building is Colin.

Each year Colin goes to great personal lengths to organise a social event, a trip to Ascot, or party at some cool location. This year it was a boat party and although I now work in a different location I still work with the same team, so I got to go along. Here are some of the photos I took on the night.

We set off at seven pm heading west on the Thames. I gave a wave to my new colleges at Sea Containers, then on past Big Ben, decked out in scaffolding on the north bank and the London Eye on the south bank.

It was a great night and also a unique way to see London from the river. Thanks Colin.

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