Ironically, I have been trying to make time to see Hattie Stewart's 'I Don't Have Time For This' exhibition for the past few weeks, and I finally got to see it yesterday.

Hosted at the Now Gallery, Stewart's exhibition invites you to lay down and immerse yourself in her illustrated fantasy world. It's fun, bright and a little bit different to a standard art gallery experience. With a vibrant, tongue in cheek visual identity, Hattie Stewart is a self-proclaimed ‘professional doodler’ with a unique and playful illustration style. In recent years Stewart’s notoriety has increased due to her personal project titled ‘doodle-bombing’ where she draws over the covers of influential publications such as Interview, Vogue, i:D and Playboy. She has now worked with varied clients such as MTV, Nike, Apple Music, Pepsi, and Adidas.

'I Don’t Have Time For This' marks the debut of NOW Gallery Young Artist programme, which aims to work with artists who have an unusual approach and standout visual aesthetic, to create a unique vision for the gallery space.

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