A huge first-of-its-kind installation has it's London stop-off on a European city tour this weekend.

People passing by are encouraged to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) about what they focus on in life; and witness their passions displayed across 540 LED video tiles embedded on a six-metres high, 30-metres long structure that spells the word ‘FOCUS’.

The AI can converse in four languages, understands passions stated in the conversation ─ from surfing to stamp collecting ─ and is able to search millions of images in an attempt to accurately match the passion of every unique user.

Once the user finishes the conversation, they can stand back and watch their passions unfold across the giant letters; a video of their personalised experience will also be taken that they can share on their social media. The results range from spot on to less-than-perfect.

Gina MacCarthy: runner, football fan and cake baker.
I clearly stated my passion as Manchester United, but the AI made me a Liverpool fan! Said Gina MacCarthy
It took around 200 hours to train the AI to understand and respond to the user’s chat and recognise their stated passions, and more than 6,000 hours to fabricate the 20 tonne structure.

The interactive installation is open from 11 am to 9pm this weekend.

If you go down and share your passion with the AI you will be provided with a personal video by email which you can optionally share on-line.

Here's a quick behind the scenes video which we shot while Ford were live on their Facebook page earlier today.

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