I'm fortunate enough to spend my working days in Sea Containers House, located west of Blackfriars bridge on the South Bank. I've been there just over a year  and since starting I have finished each working day with a five mile walk home.

I often take snaps on my mobile during this walk, but yesterday I took my camera to shoot some video at different stages of the journey.

Stepping onto the the South Bank I started with a couple of shot of the Thames then as always, turned South.

Shooting just a couple of seconds of video at a time, either when something caught my eye, or when the tone of the journey changed.

I've come to really enjoy this daily journey from Thames walkway, through bustling littered streets, spooky railway arches onto leafy suburbs.

The following day I stitched all the video clips together, along with some music, you can watch below. It's pretty chilled. How many spots do you recognise?

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