Kronos, an exhibition featuring new painting and photography works by contemporary artists Sabatino Cersosimo and Rad Husak.

The show explores the expression of the human figure and the passing of time in painting and photography today.

The name ‘Kronos’ derives from classical antiquity, representing the personification of time.

Sabatino Cersosimo’s art explores psychological and relational complexity, with humanity and time as the principal focus in his paintings. While painting on a steel surface, Cersosimo employs the effects of oxidation, obtained with water and other natural elements. Such oxidations act on the metal through their uncontrollable nature, while representing the notion of time passing - the pathos of things - evoking the atmosphere of the moment vividly, while condemning man to the physical and psychological decadence of his time on earth.

Rad Husak is a contemporary process-driven artist whose practice is firmly situated in the expanded field of photography and print. His latest series explores the body is various ways, always askance but with the human element unmistakably as the subject. His portrayal of the male nude is infused with near-sculptural elegance and classical composure. The artist captures the male nude as a reflection of an ideal of beauty found in sculptures and paintings from ancient Greece and Rome.

In this artistic dialogue, the figure, the body, is a locus of transgression. Each artist is creating inspiring figurative works that speak to the present and offer glimpses into the future, in the circle of Kronos, highlighting the impact and the importance of time in the process of creation.

Kronos is at the Dellasposa Gallery until March 15th 2019

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