TLDR: If you like real music, real people, you should pop along and check the venue out soon.

I went along to Jamboree at their previous location a couple of times, it was memorable on both occasions.  So, after hearing that they had closed there, I was delighted to hear that they'd found a new home in East London: at least for now.

I popped along on a Monday night where there was free live music supported by donations.

It was a really good night. I'd urge you to see what they've got on and tag along. Here are some visuals from Jamboree to give to a taste.

When the band took a break I discovered they also have a covered garden out back, great for sitting out in the warmer weather. 

Below you can listen to some of the recordings I made on the night. I missed lots, but it should be enough to give you an idea.

Jamboree has different live music every night, some is ticketed some is free. London needs quirky places like this so I'd urge you to go see!

Jamboree: website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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