On the back of a meet-up post in our community recently a bunch of us went to see "Spare Parts".
Here's a visual taste of our visit. If you fancy going it's free and runs until May 12th 2019.


SPARE PARTS explores the repair and regeneration of the human body at a physical and metaphorical level.

A collision of artistic and scientific disciplines, SPARE PARTS celebrates the creativity of those seeking alternative approaches to biological repair.

Scientific understanding of how the material of the body reproduces, fails and heals is evolving. Artists are scrutinising the systems that create and sustain life outside of the biological body, proposing cross-species experiments and engaging with the potential for artificial intelligence to extend life.

SPARE PARTS brings together critical enquiries led by artists, designers, engineers and scientists, including emerging research at King's College London, into the engineering of body parts at a cellular, tissue, organ or limb level.

SPARE PARTS runs at Science Gallery London until May 12th 2019

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