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In our quest to find the most happening Londoners we came across Jiri Siftar.

A prolific instagramer with large following. He's been capturing images and sharing images of London life, mostly on instagram, for a couple of years.

Hobbies: photography, squash, travel, film, music, food, design...
Profile: Jiří Šiftař

Jiri's instagram highlights
Street style! There are plenty of images featuring London's  classic landmarks. Our personal favourites from Jiri's instagram stream include the more candid shots of London life.

Two classic telephone boxes. They used to be deployed nationwide in the UK, but are now confined to the capital London.

"Elizabeth Tower" (formerly "Clock Tower"), is one of London's most recognizable landmarks. 

Jiri features in the video (Ad) from Samsung, which gives some insight on Jiri's take on London as his canvas for his instagram stream.

Parliament at dusk. From Jiri's Flickr stream.
Image source: Jiri Siftar / Flickr

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