I like going out having and having fun with people, who doesn't! I especially like going out and meeting new people, but I'm not great at arranging or organising stuff like that, so a big thank you to +Irena Savchenko and +FazZ Khedoo for doing the hard work and organising the fun "Happening London" meet up I went to at +CRATE Brewery & Pizzeria this last weekend.

The area around Crate, which has been the location for Google meet ups before, is good for cycling, jogging or just wandering. There is plenty to see, lots of cool people about when the weather is fine: I met Jumi on the bridge just before arriving and lots of Graffiti.

To my shame I didn't take snaps of the actual pizzas we ate. By the time they arrived the conversation was flowing, so here is snap of the type of thing to expect if you go to Crate for pizza.

That was posted to Google Maps by +Google Local Guide +Anna Morgana Alabau. I don't think I've met Anna yet .... 👋 (waves).

Here is also a short video that +Google Photos made from the photos I took over the afternoon.

We really need to make more of the summer months, if you want to meet up join the a Happening London community, the main one shown below is probably the best place to start. Join, introduce yourself and posts your meet up ideas. Look forward to seeing YOU next time!

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