So, you've joined a Happening London community: but you're not really sure how to get involved with Happening London?  .... Please read on!

Who are Happening London communities for?

Only for people who live in London!

While YOU might actually live in London we can't KNOW that until you tell us.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All community members join as "Limited Members".

What does Limited member mean?

Posts from "limited members" are held for review and are NOT visible to others. They first need to be reviewed and approved by a community moderator. If a post held for review proves to be spam, i.e. not an introduction, overt self promotion, or compleatly unrelated the post will be removed and never seen by the community.

This does not stop people joining with the intention of spamming, but it does stop that spam from bothering community members. People who join just to spam are blocked, removed and reported to Google.

You haven't joined to spam have you? 

No, you've joined to be part of a growing, active community. To join in: contribute, get to know cool and interesting people who live in London. You've joined to be part of Happeing London!

So ...
After joining please introduce yourself!

Your introduction post will not be visible to other community members until after it has been approved by a moderator. Which can take up to a few days: but when your introduction is approved the moderator will also "upgrade" your community status to that of full member. Your future posts into the community after that will not need approving. They will be seen immediately after posting.

The approval process is designed to prevent spam and to ensure that together we can build the Happeing London community network into something which is fun, interesting and uesful for ALL community members.
All communities in the Happening London Community network opperate where new members are initially "Limited members". Each community has it's own introductions section. 
Have any questions? Ask them in the comments!  😀 Thanks

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